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Institution Recommendation Required? Examination: For initial certification in school counseling through the completion of a Class A Program the candidate must meet the Praxis requirement(s) of the Alabama Educator Certification Assessment Program (AECAP). Certification: Guidance and school counseling K-12 Background Check: Yes, for employment and have integrity and ethical behavior, professional conduct as stated in Pennsylvania’s Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators. Experience Requirements: (1) Two years of verified, full-time experience as a school guidance counselor or (2) three years of verified teaching experience or  (3) completion of a supervised counseling practicum in school counseling from an accredited institution. Education Requirement: (1) A master’s or higher degree in counseling, education or related behavioral sciences from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, (2) a bachelor’s degree and (3) completion in Oregon or another U.S. jurisdiction, as part of the master’s degree or separately, of an initial graduate program in school counseling. : Yes, Unless candidate holds national certification • Social and cultural foundations Experience Requirements: 600 contact hours in a school setting K-12 and (1) A one-year induction under the supervision of a licensed school counselor; or (2) have two years of successful teaching experience under a standard, provisional or professional teaching certificate or license; or (3) three years of experience as a licensed school counselor in another state. CONNECTICUT (updated 11/18) Examination: Praxis – professional school counselor Institution Recommendation Required? Experience Requirements: Completed an approved 600-hour field experience (400 hours if the applicant has completed two or more years of successful teaching experience as approved by USBE licensing). Certification: Pre-K –12 Examination: None This license is valid for five years and is issued to candidates who have fulfilled all out-of-state institutional and academic requirements applicable to being evaluated by MDE for a Michigan school counselor license, including: (1) applicant completed a master’s degree or higher in a school counselor educator program including internship in a school setting at an out-of-state university or its equivalency, (2) applicant has earned a bachelor’s degree and has successfully worked out of state as a school counselor five out of the immediately preceding seven years, plus holds a valid school counselor certificate/license issued by another state, (3) applicant passes the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification School Counselor examination. Utah Department of Education/school counseling Alaska Department of Education Background Check: Yes Background Check: Yes, for all residents. Examination Required: Appropriate application processing fee Hawaii Department of Education Certification: Pre K-12 School Counselor Connection is our resource center created specifically for school counselors. Licensed professional counselors (or in some states, "licensed clinical professional counselors" or "licensed mental health counselors") provide mental health and substance abuse care to millions of Americans. Background Check: Yes, Undergo a criminal records check by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and a national criminal records check supported by fingerprints conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Some candidates receive one-year grace periods for their renewal applications. Institution Recommendation Required? Background Check: Yes Institution Recommendation Required? Examination: Yes, specific Montana-required PRAXIS Experience Requirements: (1) Eligibility for a license to teach and 2 years of successful teaching experience; or  (2) An approved one-year full-time internship in school counseling or (3) a minimum of 2 years of successful experience as a school counselor in an assigned position of one-half time or more OR (4) three years of comparable experience in a human services setting. Required Coursework: In-State Applicants: Applicants who are enrolled in a school counselor program at an approved educator preparation institution will be evaluated for eligibility of a school counselor license by the in-state university certification officer. It should be noted, however, that in all cases, candidates for Pennsylvania certification must complete the Praxis tests required by Pennsylvania. In order to accomplish #2 above, additional coursework specifically in school counseling is usually required. Background Check: Yes Licenses are issued with Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 designations. Missouri Department of Education/school counseling Forty-four (44) states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands require attainment of a master’s degree in school counseling or a related field. : No : Yes, must recommend for certification These young people need educational and emotional guidance from professionals. Fingerprinting will be required for all expired certificates/licenses. RHODE ISLAND (updated 11/18) Experience Requirement: (1) A supervised elementary and secondary school-based internship (P-12) of at least 600 clock hours, begun subsequent to the completion of the practicum, including a minimum of 240 clock hours in direct service work with early childhood/elementary and secondary school students. Reciprocity: No Reciprocity: Yes Nevada Department of Education West Virginina Department of Education/school counseling Candidates who do not qualify for Connecticut certification under the terms of the interstate agreement must meet all of Connecticut’s requirements for the endorsement requested, including coursework. Reciprocity: Yes It is best to check with the state education department for current requirements. Educational Requirements: Completion of a master’s degree in School Counseling and Guidance from a regionally accredited college or University. © Copyright 2020 American School Counselor Association. This route requires students to earn master's degrees in counseling. Licensure & Certification - State Professional Counselor Licensure Boards Who are Licensed Professional Counselors? Certification: (1) Elementary - grades K-6; or (2) Secondary - grades 7-12 Reciprocity: Through the certificate reciprocity approach to certification, Alabama recognizes valid professional educator certificates issued by other states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories or the Department of Defense Education Activity as the basis to offer professional certification in Alabama. Examination: Successful completion of all portions of the Praxis I – PreProfessional Skills Test and all applicable portions of the Praxis II Background Check: Yes, Utah is a member of the Compact for Interstate Qualification of Educational Personnel : No VIRGINIA Pursuant to the passage of Assembly Bill 77 during the 2017 legislative session, most valid and unexpired licenses will directly reciprocate without verification of passing licensure examinations. To become a school counselor in New Mexico, you must become licensed by the New Mexico Public Education Department. Certification: Pre-K-12 Certification: Elementary: grades K-8 or Secondary: grades 7-12 Also must score a minimum of 590 on the Praxis II School Guidance and Counseling. http://eservices.nysed.gov/teach/certhelp/CertRequirementHelp.do#cfocus A Permit can be applied for by a Michigan school district to allow someone to be hired in the interim, and in the event an individual has yet to meet requirements to be credentialed as a school counselor. Idaho State Department of Education Examination: Michigan Test for Teacher Certification – School Counselor (NT) exam. However, other candidates must pass the Praxis school psychologist exam. Kentucky Department of Education Note: A School Counselor can renew their license to the next level when they have completed a successful school year (typically 160 days) and has received an evaluation (district based) after the 90 days from the start of a new school year. Institution Recommendation Required? 2. During that time, the authorized school counselor must complete an approved induction program for SSPs/school counselors and pass the PRAXIS 5421 exam. NORTH CAROLINA (updated 11/18) Must have completed 600 hours of a school counseling practicum, internship or field experience in grades K-12. Educational Requirements: An applicant is eligible for a standard professional certificate in the field of school counseling based on meeting the following requirements: (A) Fulfilling one of the following options: (1) Completion of a state-approved certification preparation program in school counseling at the master’s degree level or higher, (2) completion of a master’s degree or higher in a counseling area and submission of a valid National Certified School Counselor (NCSC) credential issued by the National Board of Certified Counselors, or (3) completion of a master’s degree or higher in a counseling area and submission of a valid state of Georgia professional counselor’s license issued by the Professional Licensing Boards Division of the Office of the Secretary of State, O.C.G.A. Specified non-coursework requirements, such as the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations and fingerprint clearance, must also be satisfied • Supervised internship 3. Candidates seeking to be state certified school counselors must still have been trained in all three grade levels in order to receive certification to work in NH public schools. Experience Requirements: None Background Check: Yes. Background Check: Yes, at point of hire Having a professional license in the field of counseling means that you have met all of the educational and practical requirements set forth by your state, making you part of a general pool of qualified professionals. Read on for information regarding the programs to select, courses to take, and the amount of work experience that the SDE requires. Matriculated into an approved program for school counselor education, or current enrollment in graduate coursework for school counselor education. Candidates can take this exam no matter which educational pathway they choose for licensure. Interested in pursuing an education in school counseling? Examination: Applicants are required to demonstrate knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the Wyoming Constitution either through coursework or an exam IOWA Maine Department of Education Examination: Yes – Praxis II Professional School Counselor test (5421) with a score of 156. Educational Requirements: Completion of an approved program in school counseling; Examination: Praxis 5421 Experience Requirements: (Option 1 and Option 3) - None; (Option 2) - Supervised practice in school counseling. Required Coursework: Special education – coursework in the identification and education of children who have special educational needs if not included in graduate coursework. Experience Requirements: Must hold a valid Kansas professional teaching certificate to be eligible for a school counseling license and have a supervised internship by enrolling in internship credits during your first year of employment as a school counselor under your conditional license. 1. Certification: Pre-K–12 Experience Requirements: None Required Coursework: Completion of an approved program for the preparation of school counselor support professional and completion of 300-hour Internship. Counselor-License.com is an advertising-supported site. Reciprocity: Yes Experience Requirements: 700 clock hours of supervised field experience, 75 percent of which must be in a K-12 school setting, to include elementary, middle and high schools. Title acts refer to those licensure laws that restrict the use of a specific title to only those individuals meeting education, training, and examination standards. Examination: Passing score on Massachusetts Communication and Literacy Skills Test The NHDOE sends prospective candidates for certification paperwork instructing them on who to contact to arrange for their background check. Below is a summary of these educational requirements, which can help prospective students choose qualifying school counselor programs. Reciprocity: No Examination: Must score 173 on Praxis Mathematics, 172 on Praxis Reading, and 173 on Praxis Writing. Completed a minimum of 24 semester hours of graduate study in school counselor education coursework. Educational Requirements: (Option 1) School Counselor Endorsement (completion of a minimum of 30 semester credit hours in a school counselor education program) issued on a standardpProfessional teaching certificate or (Option 2) School Counselor License (SCL) : master’s degree from an approved program in school counseling. NAC 391.185; Frequently Asked Questions. Educational Requirements: Master's degree or higher degree in school counseling as defined by accreditation by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling or Related Educational Programs effective 9/1/2018: Pathway 2 (interim authorization/school counselor) : Master's or higher degree in a clinical counseling domain (e.g., mental health, etc.). Background Check: Valid Class 1 or Class 2 Fingerprint Clearance Card issued by Arizona Department of Public Education. Background Check: Criminal background check is required before any certification process is begun. NEW HAMPSHIRE In each case at least 240 hours of the internship shall involve direct service work with school-age individuals and groups. Certification: P–12 Reciprocity: No, but Pennsylvania has signed an Interstate Agreement with 45 other states/jurisdictions based upon the mutually agreed-upon conditions of that contract. You can apply, pay and track your application status online. State School Counselor Certification/Licensure Agencies For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Certification: K –12 Certification: pre-K-12 Background Check: Yes The certificate(s) presented must be at a degree level, in a teaching field or instructional support area and at a grade level in which Alabama offers comparable certification. Reciprocity: Yes Required Coursework: To earn a Professional Certificate, applicants must attest to completion of an issues of abuse course [for more information see WAC 181-79A-030(9)]. Examination: None The Land of Enchantment is home to an estimated 2,095,428 people, about 17% of whom are school-aged. Required Coursework: Completion of a two semester hour course in the education of the exceptional child; and regency credit/experience. Required Coursework: See link at bottom (1) Praxis I PPST: Reading: 170, Writing: 172, and Mathematics: 171; or  : No All Rights Reserved. (3) Content Mastery Exam for Education–Basic Skills Test (CMEEBST): Minimum Score of 850. Educational Requirements: (Option 1) Complete a graduate degree with an approved preparation program in school guidance and counseling or (Option 2) Hold a graduate degree in community/agency counseling and must be enrolled in a approved graduate program in school counseling and has completed at least 30 hours leading to completion of an approved graduate program in school counseling and must be supervised by a licensed school counselor for a minimum of one hour per week. Institution Recommendation Required? Nebraska Departmentt of Education/school counseling DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Applicants have three hours to answer 150 multiple-choice questions. School counselor and school psychologist licenses expire every five years. TENNESSEE South Carolina Educators Certification Louisiana Department of Administration (page 39-40) Reciprocity: Yes. Two years of successful, full-time experience in guidance and counseling under a provisional license may be accepted to meet this requirement. Examination: None Examination: For option 2, passage of state-designated school counselor test Form 4020S Tennessee Department of Education : Yes, must recommend for certification Indiana Department of Education/school counseling : Yes, must recommend for certification 068 Certification: K-12 NEW MEXICO Examination: (1) NTE Core Battery (Communication: 645, General Knowledge: 644, and Professional Knowledge: 645); AND (2) NTE Specialty Area Exam in school counseling. Educational Requirements: Master’s degree in guidance counseling from an approved program. Examination: Professional Education Test; GKTE Institution Recommendation Required? Institution Recommendation Required? This section provides information about how to become a school counselor in Wyoming, including degree requirements, typical coursework, and practicum and internship requirements. Reciprocity: Yes KENTUCKY National Association f… The very first thing to understand as someone interested in becoming a licensed counselor in the state of Maryland is that a bachelor's degree is not going to be enough to qualify for licensure. Georgia Department of Education/school counseling The following sections detail the education and experience requirements for school counselor candidates in the Sooner State. Reciprocity: No; however, if you obtain a master’s degree in a school outside of NM that meets the BOE standards, a license can be granted Visit the NMPED Online Licensure Portal to get started. Reciprocity: Certain requirements specific to North Carolina, such as the Praxis Series testing requirement, are not covered by reciprocity and must be met before a clear North Carolina license can be issued. Background Check: No : No The Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE) manages guidance counselor licensing. Reciprocity: No. American Counselor Association The American Counseling Association is dedicated to the growth and development of the counseling profession and those who are served. While these professionals perform different functions in schools, both types of workers need graduate degrees to qualify for licensure. Idaho State Department of Education Certification See Commission leaflet CL-667,ntitled Basic Skills Requirement for additional information. Required Coursework: Completion of a planned program of at least 42 semester hours of approved graduate credit in courses in school counseling with at least 12 semester hours focused upon school counseling (elementary certification) or secondary schools (secondary certification). Reciprocity: Yes, review of records determines deficiencies if any. Finally, each renewal candidate should pay $95 for the application fee or $125 if they apply late. Illinois State Board of Education Fingerprint Clearance. Experience Requirement: Note internship requirements above Background Check: Yes, fingerprints Experience Requirements: Must have two years of classroom teaching experience. Counselor Licensure There are certain specifications that professionals are required to follow when pursuing careers in the U.S. that require licensure. Be sure to login and enroll your child(ren).If you enroll your child(ren) in a public or private school during the academic year, you must login and disenroll from home schooling. Educational Requirements: Have a master’s degree in education, counseling, or a related human service field. Test required depends on the program completed. Examination: Yes, for initial license (see details) Must be a U.S. citizen. Experience Requirements: Holds a professional educator certificate or holds or is eligible for an initial educator certificate and (1) has completed 30 school months of successful teaching experience or (2) A 10-month, full-time (700 hour min.) Educational Requirements: Satisfactory completion of a state-approved program with a minimum GPA of 3.25 on all courses in the Alabama State Board of Education approved school counseling program. Oklahoma Department of Education Institution Recommendation Required? Licensure at … MICHIGAN (updated 11/18) Reciprocity: No Experience Requirements: (1) Clinical experience of 700 hours in an elementary or secondary setting or clinical experience of 350 hours at each level for dual certification. The practicum consisting of a minimum of 500 contact hours provides opportunities for the prospective counselor, under the supervision of a licensed professional school counselor, to engage in a variety of activities in which a regularly employed school counselor would be expected to participate including, but not limited to, individual counseling, group work, developmental classroom guidance and consultation. Reciprocity: Yes, with conditions (see details) Reciprocity: Yes, with all states, but requirements must be met American School Counselor Association The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) supports school counselors' efforts to help students focus on academic, personal/social and career development so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. Experience Requirements: (1) Internship will be on a full time basis for at least one semester in length. Examination: Praxis II: School Guidance Counseling, minimum 600. School counselors complete approved programs and earn degrees at the master's level or higher. Examination: Praxis Background Check: No Reciprocity: Yes Institution Recommendation Required? Each state demands different requirements for school counselor certification. The testing centers charge $95 for each attempt, and candidates receive their scores immediately following their tests. In the case of certification through reciprocal agreement, this is done through a review of transcripts, curriculum vitae, and experience descriptions. MARYLAND (updated 11/2018) Institution Recommendation Required? Check out the following pages to explore available academic programs by level: School counselor and psychologist candidates must complete internships or practicums during their graduate programs. Praxis bases the questions on the curriculum that NASP sets. Examination: Missouri School Counselor Content Assessment with a score of 220 or higher and the School Counselor Candidate Assessment Educational Requirements: A bachelor’s degree or higher and (Option 1) Completion of a teacher education program, or an alternate teacher preparation program accepted by the board or the commissioner with an endorsement in school counseling or  (Option 2) Completion of a counseling program at a regionally accredited institution. NEW YORK : Yes, must recommend for certification. Finally, a school counselor candidate may earn a master's degree from a regionally accredited university that includes at least 36 hours of school counseling classes. http://www.education.ne.gov/tcert/index.html Examination: (Option 1) With an OK teaching certificate: (1) Oklahoma Professional Teaching Exam (OKPT) and (2) Oklahoma’s subject area test in school counseling or (Option 2) Without teaching certificate: (1) Two tests mentioned above and (2) Oklahoma General Education Test. VERMONT Must have three or more years' experience as a licensed clinical counselor. : Official transcripts required. MISSISSIPPI Examination: (1) Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): 165 AND (2) Praxis II: School Guidance and Counseling: 550 • Research and program evaluation Educational Requirements: Master’s degree in school counseling or its equivalent. MISSOURI (updated 11/18) NEW JERSEY (updated 11/18) Examination: Pass the ISBE Examination for School Counseling and meet all requirements for certification. Certification: Grades K-12; Idaho Code, allows certificated school social workers to be employed as elementary school counselors without any credential change. Certification: (1) Elementary: grades pre-K–8, (2) Secondary: grades 5-12 Examination: None Background Check: No Background Check: Yes, at point of hire Educational Requirements: A master's degree from an approved school counseling and guidance program and the institutional endorsement. Any additional documentation needed to determine eligibility for reciprocity will be requested from a licensing analyst upon review of submitted and paid application. Education Requirements: (Option 1) Hold standard teaching license and a master’s degree in guidance and counseling; or (Option 2) Master’s degree in another area AND completion of an approved program for guidance and counseling (with a year internship in school counseling) AND scoring a passing score on the Praxis II; or (Option 3) Complete an approved master’s degree program for guidance and counseling which includes a full year internship; or (Option 4) Hold National Certified School Counselor (NCSC) credential issued by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). Educational Requirements: Completion of an accredited counselor education program. Contact Us, State School Counseling Programs & Web Sites, State Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Alabama Department of Education/school counseling, Arkansas Department of Education/school counseling, Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), Colorado Department of Education/school counseling, D.C. Public Schools - School Counselor Requirements, Florida Department of Education/school counseling, Georgia Department of Education/school counseling, Idaho State Department of Education Certification, Indiana Department of Education/school counseling, Kansas State Department of Education/school counseling, Massachusetts Department of Education/school counseling, Michigan Department of Education/school counseling, Michigan Department of Eduction/out-of-state applicants, Missouri Department of Education/school counseling, http://www.education.ne.gov/tcert/index.html, Nebraska Departmentt of Education/school counseling, http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rules/state_agencies/ed500.html, http://eservices.nysed.gov/teach/certhelp/CertRequirementHelp.do#cfocus, North Carolina Department of Education/school counseling, Oregon Department of Education/school counseling, Rhode Island Department of Education/school counseling, suicide awareness and prevention training, South Dakota Department of Education/school counseling, Utah Department of Education/school counseling, Washington Department of Education/school counseling, West Virginina Department of Education/school counseling, Wisconsin Department of Education/school counseling, Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board. Applicants who have not completed an approved program can be certified by utilizing the Credential Review Pathway, which allows eligible individuals to pursue Rhode Island certification by following a differentiated program of study (determined by a consortium institution or RIDE). Must also “be of good moral character,” have no felony conviction or misdemeanor involving abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct, and have not been determined mentally incompetent Background Check: Yes, each applicant for a Colorado educator license, authorization or endorsement, including the renewal of a license or authorization, is required to submit to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation a complete set of his or her fingerprints, taken by a qualified law enforcement agency, and a fingerprint card processing fee. Rhode Island Department of Education/school counseling   : No The candidate must either (1) have completed an approved preparation program OR (2) possess a valid, advanced-level certificate in the other jurisdiction and three years of service. DELAWARE (updated 11/18) Experience Requirements: (Options 1) Qualify for state certification as a school counselor, candidates must have completed a 600-hour internship in a general school setting under the direct supervision of a state certified school counselor with at least 2 years experience as a state certified school counselor in NH public schools; or  (Option 2) Candidates for alternative certification must have worked for three months, full time, as a school counselor before beginning the alternative certification process. SOUTH DAKOTA (updated 11/18) New Hampshire Department of Education Applications without a valid license social security number will not be reviewed or processed until the applicant provides a valid social security card to the NMPED Licensure Bureau. First, prospective counselors must often pass a licensure exam; states administer PRAXIS, PLACE, or state-specific tests, although some do not require individuals to sit for an exam at all. Required Coursework: (1) 30 semester hours of graduate credit in a planned program in school counseling services including coursework in each of the following areas: principles and philosophy of developmental guidance and counseling, psychological and sociological theory as related to children, career development theory and practice, Individual and group counseling procedures, pupil appraisal and evaluation techniques and school-based consultation theory and practice; (2) Evidence of practicum and laboratory experiences in school counseling; (3) completion of study in special education comprised of not fewer than 36 clock hours including gifted and talented children and special-needs children in the regular classroom. The New Mexico school counselor board requires candidates to take specific courses and complete internships before applying for their licenses. School counselors and psychologists can upgrade to different levels of licensure based on the number of school years they have worked. School counselor candidates can qualify for licensure through three distinct paths. Option V: The applicant shall submit: (1) a master’s degree from an institution of higher education and (2) a valid, professional certificate from another state and verification of at least 27 months of satisfactory performance as a school counselor during the past seven years on the basis of which application is being made for a comparable Maryland certificate.

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